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Terms And Conditions


Mesh Experts is responsible to maintain/manage the website developed for a minimum of 1 years from the date of the delivery of the final project.


The work can be started with immediate effect on receipt of technically or commercially clear purchase order along with advance/token from the client. Normal website projects will end within 20 working days, though huge projects may take more time. It depends on functionality to functionality complexity in the project.
In Static/Dynamic/E-Commerce websites, data (Images and content) will be provided by the clients before starting of the project.
In Dynamic/E-commerce websites, after completion of project data will entered by clients only and any further addition of data will be chargeable as per the company norms.


The client is required to ensure that all data necessary for the project and requested for by Mesh Experts is made available throughout the duration of the project. Any delay in providing such data may impact the project schedules, and consequently the project cost. Mesh Experts shall treat all such data provided by Client as company confidential and ensure confidentiality.


Any work outside this statement, or in addition to it will be treated as outside the scope of the proposal and will be dealt with as an extension to the project. Additional pricing may be applicable for such extensions.


Maintenance work, beyond what is identified under "Content Management & Deployment" by Mesh Experts will be taken up as additional work and additional pricing may be applicable for the above.


Mesh Experts reserves the right to terminate the contract at any stage In case it does not receive the due payment within 10 days of raising the invoice for the delivery/completion of the website.


1. Client has satisfied himself/ herself that all the required work has been delivered to him /her as per the need & any further addition/changes made to the same will be charged extra on actual.

2. Mesh Experts will not be responsible for any delay occurred in the project due to the lack of information provided by the client OR due to any other intervention (i.e. continuous requirement of changes in data/picture /website without seeing the final project by the clients).

3. That in the event of dispute, if any, the contract is subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in Delhi only.

4. Any delay in the payment agreed by the client at the time of the signing of this document will directly impact the project & it will be the sole discretion of Mesh Experts whether to continue/hold/terminate the project until payment is made.

5. Minimum advance payable would be 50% of the total payment & will be paid by the client at the time of the signing of this document failing which client will be responsible for any further delay of the project.

6. Mesh Experts will ensure that the entire project will be delivered within 24 business days BUT if any project is expected to be stretched longer than the committed date due to followings, Mesh Experts will not be responsible for any such delays:-

I. Nature of the project.
II. Unpredictable circumstances (e.g. Irresponsiveness of the clients, unavailability of the data/information required by the Mesh Experts etc.)
III. Unavoidable behavior of the clients or its representatives.

7. It is also agreed by & between the undersigned that all the relevant information/data must be shared via an email which will be sent by the client to Mesh Experts as a confirmation & then only it will be processed further.

8. Mesh Experts will ensure that the required project has been delivered with best of our knowledge & service at all times.


Mesh Experts will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages of any kind resulting from the use of or the inability to use the above-mentioned software - Mesh Experts will also not be liable for any other intangible loss leading to loss of profit or business opportunity to the client.


1. In case of outstation cheques, payment may be made by crossed Account PayeeCheque or Bank Draft drawn in favor of Mesh Experts Payable at Delhi.

2. Only Cash Payments shall be accepted for all Delhi NCR clients except there is any special case.

3. Add Rs. 50/- for outstation cheques.

4. A charge of Rs.1000/- shall be levied in case of every dishonored cheques.

5. Deposit Amount will not be refundable after approval of design.

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